Pet Grooming is Like Mountain Climbing

How to Overcome Your Hugest Obstacles

Starting your business is the beginning of the climb. Learn how to reach the Summit.

The pet industry continues to grow and thrive. For those looking to open a pet grooming business, Pet Grooming is like Mountain Climbing: How to overcome Your hugest Obstacles is an inspirational guide for success. Tanya Ellis shares her years of experience in the pet industry by helping you to identify potential pitfalls and create a strategy to deal with them. She also provides practical tips for every step of your business, from the early days of your start-up through later years as your business matures. Pet Grooming Is Like Mountain Climbing provides tools and steps to make your journey up the mountain of entrepreneurship easier. With years of industry experience, Tanya illustrates her wisdom on how to build a successful pet grooming business through climbing proverbial mountains.

Pet Grooming is like Mountain Climbing: How to Overcome Your Hugest Obstacles will inspire you to reach the summit with your business and create an amazing future as an entrepreneur.

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About the Author

My name is Tanya Ellis and I am an author and own a successful pet grooming salon in Mississauga, Ontario as well as a 2nd location in Scarborough Ontario. I have been grooming dogs for over 20 years and pets are my passion. I live in Mississauga, Ontario With my husband, our toy poodle Stuey, and our Indian Pariah Dog Richie. I enjoy long hikes outdoors with my husband and our dogs. My newest hobby is birding which I really enjoy. I love to travel and have been to some super fun places that you will read within my book, Pet Grooming is Like Mountain Climbing: How to Overcome Your Hugest Obstacles. I enjoy giving back to the Lion’s Foundation of Canada ( The Dog Guides of Canada). I also enjoy photography and meeting new people.

Pet Grooming is Like Mountain Climbing

How to Overcome Your Hugest Obstacles

Chapter 1: The View From the Top of the Mountain

Visiting Africa was a dream of mine since I was a Little girl. Here is my experience climbing Mount Killimanjaro.

Chapter 2: Packing Your Backpack for Business

Making sure your business is set up for financial success is part of the journey.

Chapter 3: Building a Solid Foundation

Researching other businesses and knowing who your target market is can be crucial to your success.

Chapter 4: Setting Goals to Achieve Summit

Part of the challenge of climbing a mountain is the work that you need to put in as you get closer to the top.

Chapter 5: Have You Hit the Wall

Sometimes as you are succeeding, a part of you gets tired and sometimes you feel the need to slow down.

Chapter 6: Growth is Never-Ending

Even after reaching the top of the mountain on my first climb, I realized that there was still more that I wanted to accomplish.

Chapter 7: Running a Business in Challenging Times

During the pandemic there were many obstacles that made running a business difficult.

Chapter 8: You Reached the Summit- Now What?

You have gotten to a point where you are succeeding and decide that a change is needed to grow some more. Deciding on an exit strategy.

Chapter 9: Building on Your Passion for Pets

Taking on different avenues within the industry and adjusting to help more people with their love for pets.

Chapter 10: Start Climbing to Your Summit!

Even when things become challenging in business and climbing the mountains, learning to keep going one step at a time is key.

Pet Grooming is Like Mountain Climbing

How to Overcome Your Hugest Obstacles

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